Staff Augumentation

With persistent transformation in technology it becomes imperative for companies to continuously upgrade their existing system. This occasionally requires the company face an aggressive implementation schedules and technical expertise for such area thereby increasing the overheads.

In addition sometimes the internal staff may not have the expertise to handle the execution and at such situation we thorough our exceptional staff augmentation solutions help our clients carry on such makeover productively. We make a proper planning and maximum utilization of the resources in a cost effective way is needed making use of our pool of well qualified, experienced and domain experts.

We supplement our clients with the expertise they need to achieve their goals by analyzing the needs, defining their processes, entities, scope, implementation, training and post implementation support. We provide our clients an option to draw from our valuable resource pool to get experts assistance with project management, custom application design and development, quality assurance, system administration, or application rollout assistance.

Our clients who outsource processes of staff augmentation are not concerned about the functional ability/productivity of the teams or individuals deployed. We have a stringent induction process that starts from short listing of candidates based on their individual credibility experience, background checking with previous employer and character reference check before we actually take up a candidate for a process augmentation. We believe in maintaining long-term relationship with our clients by delivering the products based on the specification adhering to time schedules.

Xpert Technologies staff augmentation assist the client in:

  • Adding value across your organization
  • Leverage Xpert Technologies expertise for ensuring accomplishment of your projects
  • Assist you in achieving aggressive project goals
  • Assistance in accomplishing program management reviews
  • Assistance throughout the software development life cycle
  • Supplement existing resources and structure capabilities
  • Meet business challenges and restructuring the system effortlessly
  • Respond to changing market conditions with greater alertness