No matter what the category status of the company is a giant; mid sized or small size Xpert Technologies offers their services at a best possible cost, quality on schedule. Our expertise is not confined to a particular area we provide solutions utilizing our fulltime staff, or pool of contract resources that work either independently or as a part of a larger team. The technology platform where the company operates into includes:

  • Data Warehousing
  • Quality Testing
  • Web Programming (.NET, JAVA, etc.)
  • SAP

Xpert Technologies provides solutions for following Industries:

Original Equipment Makers (OEMs), Automotive Suppliers
Manufacturers, Suppliers, Customers
Wire line, Wireless, Cable, Satellite
Consumer Goods and Services
Consumer Packaged Goods, Cosmetics, Apparel

Upstream, Downstream
Financial Services
Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance
Defense, Education, Health, Human Services, Immigration, Justice and Public Safety, Postal, Revenue
Health and Life Sciences
Government Health, Payers, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products, Providers
Industrial Equipment
Machinery, Automation, Power Generation, Construction
Media and Entertainment
Broadcast, Entertainment, Publishing, Printing and Portal
Mass Merchants, Grocery Stores, And Professional Service Firms
Hotels Chains, Car Rental Companies, Casinos
Electric, Gas, Water